An Introduction to Barranca Diamond Blades

A note about Barranca Diamond Blades:  Barranca's lapidary diamond blades are manufactured at their factory in the United States. They are made from mechanically notched carbon steel (1050) cores charged and furnace sintered with premium grade industrial diamonds and metal powders. The diamond matrix is formulated to yield the maximum blade life.  As the leading edge or outer circumference of the blade does all the cutting, there is minimum side clearance abrasion which minimizes marks on the cut material, premature segment wear, and core overheating. Notched rim blades are designed to perform under the most demanding cutting conditions for commercial, industrial, and hobby applications.
Diamond Blade

4" through 36" sizes

BD 301 Premium Notched Rim Lapidary Blades

The BD301 Premium Notched Rim Lapidary Blades are manufactured using a high concentration of premium grade industrial diamonds.  The diamond matrix is formulated to yield the maximum blade life and cutting performance. This formulation is specially designed to provide superior cutting performance on hard materials such as agate, petrified wood, and jade.  The 301 notched rim blades are for use with oil coolants only.

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4" through 14" sizes


BD 303 Professional Continuous Rim Lapidary Blades

The BD303 Continuous Rim Lapidary Blade is a professional quality blade manufactured using a high concentration of premium grade industrial diamonds.  These blades will cut faster than regular notched rim blades and the smaller size thin core blades can be used when cutting valuable materials to minimize loss of material.  A full diamond sintered blade, The BD 303 blades can be used with rust inhibiting water coolants although oil coolants will result in longer blade life. 

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16" through 36" sizes

BD 303 Professional Segmented Rim Diamond Blades

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