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lapidary kit

Lapidary Kit



Barranca Diamond Wet Polishing Kit for Rock

The MK-1503 Wet Polishing Lapidary Kit is ideal for handheld grinding and polishing of gemstone and rock materials such as onyx, agate, petrified wood, jade, opal, etc.

The polisher is used with the vacuum brazed convex wheel for aggressive shaping and grinding, contour carving and sculpting of the material.  Resin diamond discs are used sequentially for polishing.  The continuous rim cup wheel is used for groove and saw mark removal from slabs.  The polisher easily attaches to a standard hose to enable the unit to dispense a steady flow of water to diamond pads and grinding wheels.  The 4" flexible rubber Hook & Loop backer pad allows for quick pad changes.  90 day limited warranty.

Barranca Diamond Wet Polishing Kit Includes:

  • MK-1503 electric polisher
  • GFCI
  • 4" diamond resin disc set (grit sizes: 30, 50, 120, 220, 400, 800, 1800, 3500, 8500, 13,000)
  • 4" rubber backer pad
  • BD-850 4-1/2" coarse (30/40 grit) vacuum brazed convex wheel
  • BD-380R 4" fine continuous rim flat surfacing/grinding wheel
  • 4" felt buffing disc
  • Wrenches, D-handle, side handle & nylon carrying bag

MK-1503 Information

Motor - 120V,  800W
Amps - 7
Speed -700 - 3000 RPM
Shaft Thread - 5/8-11
Motor Weight - 6 lbs

Click here for:  Polishing discs, pads and parts for this and other Barranca equipment

Polishing a petrified wood specimen

Large Coral wet polished at the Rock Shed

See instructions at the bottom of the page

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Also available in Wet Air Polishing tool for Lapidary Work
air grinder

Air Model
Grinder Only


Air Model BD-2321WR Grinder Only

The BD-2321WR comes with 25' water hose, 5' air hose, 3' air/water hose protector, D-handle, wrenches. (Backer pad not included)

Click here for:  Polishing discs, pads and parts for this and other Barranca equipment

Grind - Polish - Demonstration Box - for overspray containment when using the wet grinder

Grind/Polish Box


This is a Grind Polish box to help contain overspray when wet polishing. Water drains through hole in one corner of pan. 30" x 24" x 6" aluminum box with acrylic shield on 3 sides. Includes rubber mat & submersible electric water pump.

Please Note:  This item will be shipped direct from our suppler to you.

Lapidary Wet Polishing Guide:  Petrified Wood, Opal, Agate and Other Gem Stones
Barranca's polishing pads are designed to achieve a monument quality finish on all straight or shaped surfaces. The unique design of the polishing pads allows for rapid and even removal rates with minimal effort. When used correctly, these pads provide a clear advantage over all other polishing methods.
Polishing Steps:
1 Cut or shape material to the desired surface or pattern using either a diamond blade or diamond cup wheel.
2 Using a clamping device, secure material to be polished to a proper work surface.
3 Remember, polishing is a process which takes time and requires that each grit size pad be used properly to achieve a quality finish.
4 Using the 50, 120, or 220 coarse grit pad, remove all rough scratches and cut marks. Smooth the surface as much as possible with these specific grit pads. The smoothing of the surface during this stage of polishing will determine the quality of the finish that will be achieved. After working the area, dry the surface to determine if all large scratches have been removed. Using a lumber crayon or pencil, mark the surface to determine the depth of the scratches remaining.
5 Once all large scratches have been sufficiently removed, the finer grit pads can be used to achieve the quality finish. The fine grit pads consist of 400, 800, 1800, and 3500. If more luster or color from the polished surface is desired, use the extremely fine 8500 grit pad.
After completing the polishing process, the following steps must be followed if a mirror finish is desired:
• Make a paste of cerium, aluminum or tin oxide using water.
• Apply paste to felt wheel.
• Run felt wheel with slight pressure against the surface to generate heat.
• After paste dries, polishing is complete.
• Wash surface with water and dry.
The surface should have a high luster or finish. If the surface appears to have small scratches, repeat step 5. In some cases it may be necessary to repeat steps 4 & 5.
Important Points in the Polishing Process:
• Barranca Diamond polishing pads are designed to be used solely with water to minimize the wear on the pads and prevent hazardous dust. (The use of water acts to cool the polishing pad material, flush away grindings, and eliminate hazardous dust). Always wear eye protection at all times.
• Never skip grit sizes during the polishing process. Skipping grit sizes will result in an unsatisfactory finish to the stone.
• Diamond polishing pads wear out prematurely due to the overworking of the material or by not using a sufficient amount of water. Do not use an excess amount of water.
• Failure to spend adequate time polishing with each grit size pad will result in an unsatisfactory finish.
• Selection of the flexible Velcro™ (rubber) backer pad for shaping and curved work is highly recommended. Use the rigid backer pad for the straight edge and flat face material.
• Flat 4" 100 mesh wheel can be used to plane down uneven surfaces, remove stubborn scratches and knock off saw nubs.

Instructions taken from Barranca Diamond Products, Inc. Wet Polishing Guide

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