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Introducing Rock Rascal Lapidary Equipment

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Are you interested in learning more about how to do Lapidary Work?  Click here for informational books.

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combo saw grinder image

Model T  6"
Lapidary Unit


   Model T - 6" Combination Lapidary Saw and Grinder
*Made in USA

A portable combination unit complete with a 6" Pro-Slicer Diamond Blade, 6" silicon carbide grinding wheel, 6" aluminum head with sponge rubber pad, wet or dry silicon carbide sanding discs and a 6" felt polishing pad. It is powered by a 1/4 hp motor.  One side cuts and trims, the other side grinds, sands and polishes. This is a good unit for faceters or anyone needing a complete, compact, portable lapidary unit to grind, cut and polish small stones.

See our shipping notes at the bottom of the page.

Model JM 
6" Trim Saw

Trim Saw complete 
with motor and blade


trim saw

Model JM - Lapidary Trim Saw  6"
*Made in USA

This unit comes complete with Motor, Saw and Blade.  It is mounted on a laminated particle board base ready to use. Just add coolant, plug it in and turn on the switch.

55 Piece Flex Shaft Grinder Set


trim saw

55 Piece Flex Shaft Grinder Set

Another photo

This unit is speed controlled with a foot pedal which makes it great for freeing up your hands to create masterful pieces. The 55 pieces includes attachment for grinding, drilling and cutting. Comes in a sturdy case.


Rock Vice for Model
J Saw and Model T
Combination Unit


Model V Rock Vise

The Model V Vise fits both  the Model J Saw and the Model T Combination Unit.

This vise will help you better control the cut on small rocks when using the Model J or Model T Saw so that you don't have to push the rock through the blade by hand.

Another photo


slab grabber

Slab Grabber

Slab Grabber

3" Posts and 5" Posts Slab Grabber

Made to get the Slabs left in the nub-ends.
One slab saved, usually pays for the SLAB-Grabber.
Chucks level and parallel in your saw vise for uniform slices.
Made of aluminum for blade safety, and positive nub holding.
Made in the USA.

11" Posts Slab Grabber

The larger version of the famous Slab Grabber introduced by Rock's many years ago. The 11" model will hold slabs in wide range of sizes: 3" to 11" in diameter. It will also hold those more common odd shapes as there are 12 different spots for locating the holding studs. Made of aluminum for blade safety.

3" Slab Grabber


5" Slab Grabber


11" Slab Grabber


cutting oil

Cutting oil for Barranca, Lortone and other brand Rock saws


Saw Cutting Oil

Never run a diamond cutting blade dry as it can immediately damage your blade. Coolant oil should be kept clean and below 100 degrees F.  Sludge should be removed periodically and replaced with fresh coolant oil so your cuts will be clean and your blades will not be damaged. 

This Non-hazmat replacement oil excellent lubricating properties for blades and saw parts.  It flushes sludge from rock easily, degreases easily and sludge settles in the saw tank well.   Comes in a one gallon plastic jug.

cutting oil

Coolant fluid for cutting or grinding


Tool Cool

A heavy duty water soluble synthetic cutting and grinding fluid with lubricant.  Most advanced 100% synthetic coolant on the market today.  100% Biodegradable - mix with water only.  Does not contain any nitrosamines, phenols, nitrates, sulfur, chlorine, phosphates or oil.  Comes in a 8 oz plastic bottle.

  • Cutting:  Mix 10 to 1 with water
  • Grinding:  Mix 20 to 1 with water


dop station



Dop Station

A thermostatically controlled ceramic electric heater for melting and keeping your dop wax at the perfect temperature along with built in storage for your tools!

Key Features include:

  • Handy storage for dop sticks, wax, and other tools.
  • Wide bezel on warming pot for pre-heating stones.
  • Lighted switch for convenient and safe operation.
  • 115 V/60 HZ, US plug

Product Uses:

  • Melting waxes for dopping cabochons (with green wax) or faceting rough (with black wax)
  • Can be used for Pickling metals like gold, silver, or copper.

Drill Press

Mini Drill Press


Mini Drill Press

Wire Plugs UL Approved
 3 Variable Speeds:
    - 0 to 5000
    - 0 to 6400
    - 0 to 8600
Work Surface Dimension: 6 9/16" x 6 9/16"

Maximum Drill Height: 7 1/2"

Drill Chuck will hold drills from .6mm to 6.5mm.

Here is an example of a hole we drilled with this drill press.

small trim saw

Starter Kit for Carvers
12 pieces - 150 grit


Lasco Starter Kit for Carvers

This is a basic starter set for carving and includes 12 pieces of various shaped diamond grinding bits in 150 grit diamond and 1 cut off saw. 

Are you interested in learning more about how to carve stone?

Click here for informational books on carving.

wire drill

5 Wire Drills and Burr Set


wire drill

6 Wire Drills only


1.5mm Diamond Wire Drills and Bur Set

This is 5 - 1 1/2 mm diamond wire drills for drilling holes in stones.  Use these to drill a hole for a bell cap, or to glue a finding in to hold a pendant or to run a cord through.  These wire drills and burrs are made in the United States.

Click here to learn the basics of how these could be used:
 How to use Diamond Wire Drills

  See them in action here!




core drill

5 Wire Drills and Burr Set


6 Wire Drills only



1 mm Diamond Wire Drill

These are 1 mm wire drill bits.  They are coated with 100% natural diamond.  Use them for making holes in stones for jewelry, including beads, pendants and earrings. 

core drill

3/32" Core Drill


3/32" Diamond Core Drill

This is a 3/32" core drill bit.  It is coated with 100% natural diamond.  It is great for making holes in stones for jewelry, including beads, pendants and earrings.

Dop Wax, Templates for Stone Cutting

dressing stick

Blade Dressing Stick

Dressing stick for diamond cutting blades.  Use this stick to sharpen your diamond blade by making a cut into the dressing stick.     


dop wax

Dop Wax

Regular green colored dop wax has been an industry standard for years.  Very tacky grab and strong bond, softens at 150F.  1/2 lb. bag of 2 sticks      


Aluminum Scribe

Aluminum Scribe for use with templates (price per each)


dop stick
Wood Dopsticks

Package of 24 Wooden Dopsticks  5/16" x 3 1/2"



Set of 5 Colored Templates

Set of 5 aluminum templates 4 x 5" - ovals, circles, squares, rectangles.  Aluminum offers rigidity and durability. 


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